For example, if your email is, please enter arun.kumar in the email part and select from the domain dropdown. The email can contain only letters, numbers and '.'

There are no open programs to register.

  1. You need to have a personal Email Account to apply online. If you do not have already then you may create a new one in or with any other email service providers. Please memorize the email login and password for future use.
  2. Please fill the registration form as per the below guidelines
    • Email ID: Please mention your email address from above. You need to remember this as it is required for future login.
    • Password: Please choose a complex password for your login. The Password should have at least 8 characters. Please remember it, do not write it anywhere for security reasons. If you forget the password then you can retrieve it by clicking 'Forgot Password' link in the homepage.
    • First Name: Please mention your first name as per your educational records
    • Last Name: Please mention your last name as per your educational records
  3. Click on 'Register' button. An email will be sent to your email account with account activation link.
  4. Please open your email in a new browser and open the account activation email. Click on the activation link provided in that email. This will open the home page with message that Account is activated and a login form to proceed further
  5. Please login with the email and password that you have entered above while registering a new account.
  6. After you login you can see a link 'Help' on the main menu. You can click that to read help and instructions for creating application, updating and tracking it
  7. You can click on 'Application' link on main menu to create a new application or view existing application.
  8. After creating the application you can edit it and make changes by clicking on Edit Application on top of the application
  9. Please check your email regularly for communication and updates from SRK Pratiksha Trust
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